SUN Prepaid Texts Unlimited Promo – TU20, TU50, TU200 and others

Looking for the affordable unlitext promo that will surely fits your budget? Here’s the latest list of SUN Prepaid Texts Unlimited Promo where you can choose the best option for your texting needs. SUN’s Unlimited Texts Promo allows you to enjoy the unlimited SUN-to-SUN texts plus free local calls up to four (4) hours. Get to know more about SUN Prepaid’s best unlimited texts packages. Load up now and subscribe!

Enjoy non-stop connection with your friends and loved ones with SUN Prepaid Texts Unlimited Promo. Promo offer comes in different denominations that you can choose from so check the list below:

How to Register in SUN Prepaid WIN10 promo
Just text WIN10 and send to 247
Price: Php 10
Validity: 1 day
Loaded with:

  • Unlimited SUN-to-SUN texts
  • 10 minutes calls to SUN, SMART, TNT subscribers
  • 10 minutes mobile internet

How to Register in SUN Prepaid TU20 promo
Just text TU20 and send to 247
Price: Php 20
Validity: 2 days
Loaded with:

  • Unlimited SUN-to-SUN texts
  • 20 minutes calls to SUN subscribers

How to Register in SUN Prepaid TU50 promo

Just text TU50 and send to 247
Price: Php 50
Validity: 7 days
Loaded with:

  • Unlimited SUN-to-SUN texts
  • 60 minutes calls to SUN subscribers

How to Register in SUN Prepaid TU60 promo
Just text TU60 and send to 247
Price: Php 60
Validity: 7 days
Loaded with:

  • Unlimited SUN-to-SUN texts
  • 60 minutes calls to SUN subscribers
  • 100 texts to Smart, Globe, TNT and TM subscribers

How to Register in SUN Prepaid TU150 promo
Just text TU150 and send to 247
Price: Php 150
Validity: 30 days
Loaded with:

  • Unlimited SUN-to-SUN texts
  • 4 hours of SUN to SUN Calls

How to Register in SUN Prepaid TU200 promo
Just text TU200 and send to 247
Price: Php 200
Validity: 30 days
Loaded with

  • Unlimited SUN-to-SUN texts
  • 4 hours of SUN to SUN Calls
  • 1000 texts to Smart, Globe, TNT and TM subscribers

How to Register in SUN Prepaid TU300 promo
Just text TU300 and send to 247
Price: Php 300
Validity: 30 days
Loaded with

  • Unlimited SUN-to-SUN texts
  • 5 hours of calls to Smart and Talk N Text subscribers
  • 1500 texts to ALL Networks

SUN Prepaid Texts Unlimited Promo - TU20, TU50, TU200 and others

Get the latest updates on SUN Prepaid and Postpaid promo by just visiting us again and keep posted as we will feature more SUN Prepaid unlimited text promos. You can also check on or at SUN Cellular and UnliPromo Facebook page for the latest news feed.

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71 Responses to SUN Prepaid Texts Unlimited Promo – TU20, TU50, TU200 and others

  1. joilna says:

    i can ask how to unli

    • Cielo Flores says:

      Good Day! I just have a quick question. I availed of a 400 peso regular load and I want to convert it into two TU200 loads. Will the validity of the load only be 30 days? or will it extend to 60 days since it’s literally equivalent to two TU200? thanks

    • Norman G. Viola says:

      How come your TU300 promo don’t have unlimited facebook now?

  2. VIVIAN L. CANGUIT says:

    I loaded the TU200 last April 4,2015, and I received a text from 7210 stating”your 300 minutes of calls to Sun, Smart and talk & text will expire on 5-5-2015… My question is “How can I call smart or talk & text? what will i dial so that I can call smart or talk & text

    • blossom says:

      Good thing for sun compare to smart u dont need to dial additional no. To get through as long as u registered to tu300 just dial the cp no. Thats it. Enjoy the promo. Super sulit

      • Maristella says:

        Good thing for sun compare to smart? HAHA…. I’m a Smart Subscriber and it doesn’t have additional number to dial. I use MEGA250. You will enjoy 1 month unli text to all networks and 180 minutes calls to Sun, Smart, and Talk n’ Text.

        • Marky says:

          @Maristella – Hoy Tanga! Nag correct kapa tapos mali pala info mo. You still need to dial *2477 + 11 digit number everytime tumawag ka, kahit naka MEGA 250 ka pa sa smart.

          How to Register in SMART Prepaid Mega All-In Promo
          Just text MEGA250 and send to 2477
          Price: Php 250
          Validity: 30 days
          Loaded with:

          Unlimited Texts to ALL networks (Smart, TNT, Sun, Globe and TM)
          180 minutes of call to Smart, Sun and TNT subscribers
          100mb of mobile internet surfing
          To call, just *2477 + 11-digit mobile number. example: *247709101234567
          Smart Prepaid

          • Cess says:

            Dat was before marky.. pero ngayon diretso na tawag sa smart.. no need to type *2477 before ur 11 digit no. Try mo 🙂

          • kited says:

            hindi na kailangan mag *2477 may isang taon na ako d nag ddial ng *2477 dati ganun ang siste

          • allan says:

            Noob marky … Wew !

          • ghabb says:

            hoy wagas ka makabobo?! ikaw tong bobo eh, panahon pa ni arroyo yang style mong dial dial achuchuchu, Duterte na ngaun kupal ka.. bobong to.. dial dial pa gusto..sikmuraan kita eh lolx

        • asiong says:

          @marky – luma na yang alam mo boss, tinanga mo pa yung TAO, eh ikaw naman po itong mali. tsk tsk..

        • Angel says:

          Tama ka maristella , im also using mega250 ,c marky kung makatanga wagas, mukhang d ka nagloload sa smart ngayon ng mega 250 rekta na kaya ang tawag no need to dial 2477 , pwede k naman mag comment nagtatanga ka agad ikaw tong tanga !!

    • Drew says:

      just call them like normal… dial the number

  3. Rin says:

    I loaded TU200 today (April 20, 2015) However, when I checked, my call credits was noted to still end this April 26 2015. And there’s this 300 calls to Sun, TnT and Smart. What happened to my other load credits? It didn’t extend unlike my unli txt?

  4. Rin says:

    I mean, my •4 hours of SUN to SUN Calls was not credited?

  5. eric jay says:

    Ung TU200 ba nkakatawag sa smart and tnt

    • janice says:

      Just text TU300 and send to 247
      Price: Php 300
      Validity: 30 days
      Loaded with

      Unlimited SUN-to-SUN texts
      5 hours of calls to Smart and Talk N Text subscribers
      1500 texts to ALL Networks

  6. BERNIE BUHAY says:

    I loaded TU200 today (April 20, 2015) However, when I checked, my call credits was noted to still end this April 26 2015. And there’s this 300 calls to Sun, TnT and Smart. What happened to my other load credits? It didn’t extend unlike my unli txt? BAKIT GANUN MATAGAL MENG ININGATAN AT INILAGAAN ANG LOAN TAPOS GANUN LANG ANG GAGAWIN NG SUN …

    • elisha says:

      kya pala before nagload din ako ng TU200 ang bilis naubos ng pangtawag…unlike nung palagi ko niloload na TU300 ung calls 1month tlga.

  7. Jacky Jee Cuer says:


  8. itsy says:

    i am using TU150 and already have accumulated 677 txt to all net, 4071 mins call and my sun to sun until text. If I switch my load to TU200 will it extend my existing load? thanks

    • bhel says:

      bkt ganun dati ung unli 150 may pantxt pa s other net. 500 free txt. ngayon kelangan mg load pa n 200 para lang mgkaroon ka ng 1000 free txt s other net. kung tutuusin d nman nakukunsume ung 1000 txt in 1mnth.luge consumer anu b yn! ibalik nyo ung 500 free txt sa TU150!

  9. RTJ says:

    Nagload ako ng P50 peso, then nag CU10, When I checked the balance it was zero.. wow! amazing.. where it goes the P40 peso balance?

  10. Jimmy Dolo says:

    Nagpa load ako sa kakilala ng TU200 at dumating ang notice na may load na. Naburako ang message para sa dami ng texts peru natandaan ko ang calls na 300 minutes. Mula noong dumating ang load di ako makatext sa ibang network. Totoo kayang TU200 ang iniload nila? Di kasi gaya ng dati pag TU200 ang ipinaload ko sa loading station isang buwan na gagamitin na unlimited and texts sa SUN at may 1,000 para sa other networks.

  11. Roland says:

    How to activate free FB on TU200?

  12. dez says:

    always po akong nkakareceive nang text message from sun na ang bagong tu200 eh 5 hrs nung nagpaload po ako wala namang nangyaring 5 hrs..ganun parin 3 hrs…totoo kayang may 5 hrs???

  13. AYEN says:

    how to use non stop surfing

  14. Yhen reyes says:

    Pano istop yung TU200 ? Gusto ko sana ulit mag unli wala na kasing pantext sa other at pang call naubos ko na 🙂

  15. Alejandro Parrenas says:

    I’d been using TU 150, TU 200 and TU 300 on different occasions for i think almost 2 years na and wala naman akong incident like what was mentioned above. I was reading the comments above and i think the reason for the above problems were the following and what i do:
    1. Hindi kayo mismo ang nag load using your own mobile phone. You can read the procedure to load if you type say TU200 sa browser.
    2. Once confirmed na na-avail na ninyo ang promo….. check it out by typing *221# and then press call…. message will be sent to your mobile phone.

    Simple di ba?

    I wrote this in fairness to the service provider who gave a good value for my money. I am using the promo to call sun and smart phone users who were my family and the technicians i work with in field. These technicians are travelling all over Manila, Luzon and sometimes in Mindanao and Visayas. Sablay lang minsan sa network signal but other network has the same problem. The airtime and text are very useful for me. It saved me a lot of money.

  16. christian mark says:

    sa TU200 po ba may free FB na rin ba yun for a month? thanks

  17. Ayen says:

    Unli b fb sa tu200



    • azzej says:

      bale po bukod sa unli txt ka po sa SUN to SUN may free txt ka po to other network (smart & tnt) na 1000 txt. Pag Sun ka at sun ang tinext mo, wala pong mababawas sa 1000 txt na para sa other network.

    • jazz says:

      TU 200..unli txt sun to sun..1000 txt other net ( call..may access sa pwede tumawag sa pldt landline..

  19. Pong says:

    how do i unsubscribe TU150? any help pls…

  20. ruby says:

    sa mga nabasa ko na comment above..ang ika.suggest ko lang po lalo na yung mag.paload na direct load tlga.for example.Tu20 or any amount beyond 20., ang magandang gawin nyo jan ay magpaload nlang kayo ng regular load… Ex.reg20 lang,tapos kau na ang magparegester nyan sa 247 kasi kung maexpire na yang load nyo atleast my 4free text pa kau.kaysa ideretso nyo sa promos..Yung sa mga magpapaload ng TU200, imbes na ang sabihin nyo sa retailer no na TU200, ang sabihin nyo nlang regular 200 kasi may 25 free text yata yun na pangtext to other network.,tapos kau na ang mag.regester nyan.. type nyo sa message TU200 (send) to 247..ganun lang kadali..hope makabigay ako ng tips sa n u kasi sayang din yung free text nyoo..

  21. aileen estudillo says:

    how to register my tu200 in free facebook

  22. hello says:

    Is there any other way para makaregister? Every time nag register ako ay message failed lagi.

  23. jowdie says:

    . ,nagload po ako ng TU200 gamit ung prepaid card, upon checking my balance..nastate nman po ung mga unlitxt at calls pero bkit hindi po ako mkasend khit sa ibang networks.?? panuh po ako mkakasend. .?

  24. Ron says:

    malaking tulong sa akin ang tu200.. lalo na sa work pag nakikipagcoordiante ako sa mga bisor ko.. at sa bahay… tanong ko lang po… maari ko po bang maiextend ang expry date ng tu200 ko.. kung pupwede po papaano sana.. mareplyan nio tanong ko… salamt

  25. Chadrick says:

    may free fb po ba ang TU200? Kung meron po, panu po i enroll to activate?

    Many thanks.

    • Maribel says:

      Yan din prob ko sa labas ako wala ako.wifi so off ko wifi turn on ko data for free fb wala talaga I tried so many times pero ang globe meron pano ba maka avail sa free fb please post po ty

  26. kenn says:

    im a new user of sun prepaid sim.. dati akong smart postpaid but my bill took almost 1/4 of my salary… though im using unli promo.. but anyway im afraid i might experience the same thing like you guys… i wanna try tu200 or tu300.. as i looked at it.. it wont cost me too much… i wanna ask what is the best thing to do.. buy a prepaid load card and load it by mayself or go to the nearest station and ask them to load me via txt? .. which one is better?

  27. yoj says:

    is there any other option kung pano i-load yung CARD na TU200?! please! ang 2 options na nkalagay hindi gumagana sakin. yung isa “operation failed contact call center”. yung isa, ngdial ka nga ng 220 tapos yung sagot “the number u dialed is incorrect”. Any other option na gumagana??!

  28. Christian says:

    4 na beses nako tumawag sa sun hotline, hindi pa din naayos ung problema ko sa TU200.. Hindi na credit ung call and unli text sa sun. hindi ko man lng nagamit.. kahit sana hindi na nakuha ung mga dati kong call credit eh.. sayang ung 200 pesos ko.. ang nagagamit ko lng is ung text sa other network.

  29. Mar Santos Phone No. 09222882676 says:

    I loaded TU200to a loading station and received a text from 7210 the ff: Text to other networks: 3,805 EXP: 06/25/2016. TriNet calls:1,176 mins Exp: 06/25/2016. Unli Sun texts until 06/25/2016. However, when I tried to send a message, i found found that there is a small letter “x” on my phone’s Sun SIM icon. I loaded a regular Php20 to the loading station and stiil I can’t send a message nor make a call. What happen to my SIM card and the money I spent to have my TU200 and the regular load of P20.00?

    • Toffe says:

      baka walang signal sa area mo ang sun or deactivated na ang sim mo kasi matagal ng di naloadan ganun lang yun.

  30. Jeny says:

    Hi,ma eexpired na kase yun TU200 ko ask ko lang po kung mag paload ako ng TU150 papatong po ba dun yun balance na matitirang text to other network at yun di ko pa nagamit na calls ko sa TU200.. Kase sa TU200 kapag nagpaload before maexpired papatong yun di po pa naubos na text to other network at minutes of calls.. Di ko lang po alam kung same lang pag TU150 ang niregister ko..pls help thanks

    • Monica says:

      I think magpapatong naman yun 🙂 Kasi dati TU300 pinapaload ko tapos ngayon TU200 na lang, hindi naman naforfeit yung remaining balance ko basta magpaload ako ng TU200 before the expiration date 🙂

  31. aiko says:

    Pd po ba i convert ung tu150 to tu200 ?? Kz nd nman po nacredit ung tira ko ssa tu200 ko . . walng txt to other net .. Sayang nman po kz .. Help me pls

  32. cora kot says:

    Loaded TU150 thru BDO ATM RELOAD with Ref#000055160803055000, balance inquiry says 0.0 balance.

  33. sera says:

    is TU200 still available?

  34. Brayan says:

    paano mg stop ng unli n 200 pesos

  35. Noob says:

    How can you activate the Free FB on any sun’s promo? is there a step by step process to make sure that it wont use the load in m y phone?

  36. Salve Saret says:

    How can I register my phone with suncellular NETWORK ? My account is Sun Prepaid. For four days now, I could not receive calls and text messages neither I can call or send SMS. Where I can register with the network

  37. jun torres says:

    Sun subscriber po ako..concern ko is ..i want to use WAZE,,paano pag load at ilang days ki syang gagamitin…thanks po sa sasagot

  38. monet says:

    How to upgrade from tu150 to tu200. I need to text other networks kasi

  39. Sam says:

    Pano po ibalik ang load sa sun pag di makapag send ? 🙁 sana masagot nyo thanks

  40. gian navarro says:

    pano mo i stop ang tu 200 ?
    Gusto ko po kase mag register ng ibang promo eh ..

  41. Rejilyn gutierrez says:

    Nagre reg ako TU200 send 247.. bakit di sya masend

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