Good news to all Ka-Republika’s TM Unlitawag15 Promo subscribers! Here’s an additional offer for you! Avail the TM TXT5 UNLITXT Promo and enjoy unlimited text to all TM/Globe subscribers for 1 day.

You need to subscribe to TM Unlitawag15 to avail the TM TXT5 UNLITXT Promo. For just adding Php5 and registering to T5 to 8888, you can enjoy UNLITXT to TM and Globe subscribers. Promo is valid for 24 hours. See below on how to avail TM TXT5 UNLITXT Promo :

How to Register to TM TXT5 UNLITXT Promo?
To register, text T5 to 8888
Validity: 1 day
Price: Php 5
Loaded with Unlimited Text to TM and Globe subscribers for 1 day

To avail the TM UNLITAWAG15 Promo:
Simply register by texting U15 to 8888
Validity: 1 day
Price: Php 15
Loaded with Unlimited Call to TM and Globe subscribers for 1 day

TM TXT5 UNLITXT Promo www_unlipromo_com

Per DTI-FTEB SPD No. 0501 Series of 2014
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