Win Toyota Hilux at Ace Hardware Promo

Join and Win Toyota Hilux at Ace Hardware Promo! Here’s how to join:
For every 500 single or accumulated purchase entitles customer to a raffle coupon where you have a chance to win one of six (6) Toyota Hilux, (Tax-Free!)

Promo period is on July 1-September 15, 2013.

Visit Ace Hardware Philippines Facebook page for more details and latest updates. You can also visit UnliPromo Facebook page ( for the latest promos, sales and updates.

2 Responses to Win Toyota Hilux at Ace Hardware Promo

  1. Jayvee Prina says:

    Where is the list of winners of the Ace Hardware 6 Toyota Hilux Promo posted?

  2. Win Tayouta Hilux Brinsi Nidhal Tunisia 21624906600

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