The Mandaue Foam Show Your Home Contest 2013

Hi guys! The Mandaue Foam wants you to have fun in your homes with merchandise! And isn’t fun multiplied when shared?So starting July 1, 2013 until September 1, 2013, The Mandaue Foam will be featuring your beautiful homes, that you furnished with Mandaue Foam and Furniture items of course! It’s easy, and the best picture wins a B1T1 sofa bed every 2 weeks! Isn’t that a great bonus to letting your creativity out and sharing it to the world?

1. Take a picture of your home. Indicate the Mandaue Foam merchandise that is included in the picture.
2. Upload it on our Facebook Fanpage App (Show Your Home).
3. Add an answer to the questions: “What Mandaue Foam Items are included in the photo?” and “Why do you want to win a B1T1 Sofa Bed?”
4. Chosen entries will be featured on our blog and fan page.
5. Four (4) B1T1 Sofa Beds will be given away.

  • 1st winner will be announced on week 2.
  • 2nd winner will be announced on week 4.
  • 3rd winner will be announced on week 6.
  • 4th winner will be announced on week 8.


• Product Relevance – 40%
Does the photo effectively showcase any item from Mandaue Foam?
• Votes – 20%
Is the photo able to grab the viewer’s attention and vote for it?
• Composition – 10%
Are the items of interest placed well in the photo? Are there distracting elements?
• Creativity – 10%
Is the subject matter pictured in a unique way or is a common item shown from an interesting point-of-view? Does the photo demonstrate originality?
• Technical Quality – 10%
Is the photo in focus? Is lighting in balance? Shutter speed varied or adjusted to be appropriate for the photo?
• Overall Impression – 10 %
What is the “wow” factor? Are there any special effects?

The Mandaue Foam Show Your Home Contest!

Easy breezy! Now it’s time to get creative with your space and our showroom items! Good luck and have fun! Visit Mandaue Foam Facebook App for full details and latest updates.

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