We tend to have limited budget on the things that interests us. Especially in handling our supposed to be budget on mobile promos. But we wish to have unlimited ways to chit-chat with our friends, family and loved ones. In this generation, we wanted to connect to people more often and to know the latest topics and trends on social media. Thanks to Smart Prepaid Big Unli Text 50 and 100 promo. You may now avail unlimited texts to Smart, Sun and Talk N’ Text with free internet surfing. Try it now and experience great deals! See below for more details.

Smart Big Unli Text 50 Promo
To register, Text TEXT50 and send to 9999
Validity: 7 days
Price: Php 50
Loaded with:
Unlimited Texts to Smart, SUN and Talk N’ Text (TNT)
30MB Internet Surfing

Smart Big Unli Text 100 Promo
To register, Text TEXT100 and send to 9999
Validity: 15 days
Price: Php 100
Loaded with:
Unlimited Texts to Smart, SUN and Talk N’ Text (TNT)


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