DEVANT Guess that Flick Challenge 2013

Join the DEVANT Guess that Flick Challenge and be the guess the boys watching and Win a Devant HDMI Player. Promo runs from August 5 to 30, 2013.

Promo is open to all Filipino citizens of legal age (18 years old and above) who are residing in the Philippines. He/She must have valid Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Accounts.


  • Week 1 – August 5, 7 and 9, 2013
  • Week 2 – August 12, 14 and 16, 2013
  • Week 3 – August 19, 21 and 23, 2013
  • Week 4 – August 26, 28 and 30, 2013

HOW TO JOIN: Participants must

  1. ‘Like’ Devant Facebook Page:
  2. ‘Follow’ Devant on Twitter: @iwantDEVANTtv
  3. ‘Follow’ Devant on Instagram: @devanttv
  4. Guess the movie of the day by commenting on the GUESS THAT FLICK photo of the day on Facebook.


  1. GUESS THAT FLICK is a movie guessing game.
  2. Games are scheduled every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the Week.
  3. Participants should guess the complete title of the movie that Sam YG, Tony Toni or Slick Rick is watching through the clues posted every day.
  4. Participants are given ten (10) hours to post their guesses -from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm.
  5. First to guess the complete title of the movie will win the prize.
  6. Clues:
    • The genre of the film is initially revealed through the text/copy that will be provided as the photo caption.
    • The clues come in a form of pictures of objects that are significant part of the movie being asked.
    • A total of six (4) clues will be provided for each GUESS THAT FLICK MOVIE challenge of the day. Four (4) of the objects are revealed while the other two (2) are posted on Devant Twitter and Instagram accounts.


  1. Each Participant is allowed to comment a maximum of five (5) answers on the photo per day. Exceeding answers will not be counted.
  2. All answers are only to be posted on the ‘Comment’ box of the photo of the day.
  3. One comment should include one (1) movie title only.
  4. Once the comment is made, the participant is not allowed to edit the answer.
  5. To give chance to others, a participant is only allowed to win once.
  6. All participants are presumed to have read and understood the complete rules and regulations of the promo.
  7. The following are NOT valid entries:
    • Comments with wrong spellings.
    • Comments posted beyond the allotted time (10:00am – 8:00pm).
    • Comments that are ‘Edited’.
    • Comments with more than one movie titles.
    • Comments from participants who failed to ‘Follow’ Devant’s Twitter and Instagram Accounts.
    • Comments posted by dubious accounts.


  1. All valid entries will be screened and validated by Devant Marketing Team and its Social Media Agency.
  2. The first participant to guess the complete title of the film will win the Prize.
  3. Announcement of Winners will be posted the day after the GUESS THAT FLICK challenge photo is posted.
  4. Winners will be notified through Facebook via Private Message.

The first to give the correct title of the movie will win Devant HDMI Player.


  1. Winners may claim their prizes at Infuse Inc., 3714 Sun Valley Drive, Sun Valley Paranaque City. Look for Marriane.
  2. When claiming prizes, the winner should bring two (2) valid IDs and Screen cap of their Facebook Account with the Notification Message from Devant Team for verification purposes.
  3. Winners who live outside Metro Manila will receive their prizes through courier. Verification will be made through phone and email.
  4. Winners must agree to have their photos taken for publicity purposes.
  5. Prizes not claim within 30 days will be forfeited.

DEVANT Guess that Flick Challenge Promo

Visit DEVANT Guess that Flick Challenge Facebook App for full details and latest updates.

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