How to Register in Smart Prepaid MEGA 250 Promo

Avail the Smart Prepaid MEGA 250 Promo and get unlimited texts to ALL networks (SMART, Talk ‘N Text, SUN, Globe and TM), enjoy 180 minutes of calls to Smart, Sun and TNT subscribers and browse with the FREE 100MB of mobile internet surfing for only Php 250 valid for 30 days. Enjoy the sulit promo SMART Prepaid Mega All-In 250 and register by sending a text MEGA250 to 2477.

How to Register in SMART Prepaid Mega All-In Promo
Just text MEGA250 and send to 9999
Price: Php 250
Validity: 30 days
Loaded with:

  • Unlimited Texts to ALL networks (Smart, TNT, Sun, Globe and TM)
  • 180 minutes of call to Smart, Sun and TNT subscribers
  • 100mb of mobile internet surfing

To call, just *2477 + 11-digit mobile number. example: *247709101234567
Smart Prepaid MEGA 250 Promo does not required maintaining balance to avail this promo.

How to Register in Smart Prepaid MEGA 250 Promo

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52 Responses to How to Register in Smart Prepaid MEGA 250 Promo

  1. marie says:

    im registered with mega 250 on 04/01/2015 with unli txt to all network and unli call 360 mins to smart/talk n text/sun. But when i called up yesterday a sun cp my balance was deducted for the duration of the call. only the 11 digits was used per instruction on the registration. i tried using the prefix *2477 plus the eleven digits # as seen on the advertisement but it says i’m not registed. i checked with my current unli call balance w/c is 348 mins. why is this so???? . i need an immediate reply.

  2. virginia lucas says:


    • manuel monroy says:

      same here din po… kanina pa ko nagload until now wala pa rin… nai-call ko na rin sa smart wait lang daw ako at magtry lagi… hays

  3. Paul Ananayo says:

    Sorry, your account is not allowed to avail of this service. Transaction not charged. RC:1121

    WHY?!?!?!?!? WHY CAN’T I REGISTER?!?!?!?!

  4. leo orio says:

    why i cannot use my 100mb internet?????????????????

  5. jeff says:

    hi, good day, I’m registering MEGA250 and smart reply ” Sorry, your account is not allowed to avail of this service. transaction not charged. RC 1121

  6. Allan says:

    Bakit ayaw magsend nung nireregister ko?

  7. Aaron A. says:

    Mareregister nyo to by dialing *121# then sa top Offers nila makikita nyo yung Mega All In 250 😀

    Enjoy Everyone 😀

  8. Hernan says:

    Bkt nd gumagana ung 100mb s cp q model ng cp q zenfone5 nka register aq ng mega250 pls help

  9. Bruce balderas says:

    Nag register ako kaso wala ang 100mb mobile data ko

  10. marl says:

    wala na po bang mega 250 nagre2gister po ako kahapon ang lumalabas this promo is not in exist.

  11. Kim says:

    Hi pano po magcheck ng balance ng remaining minutes ko?

  12. kin says:

    available pa po ba mega 250? please reply thank

  13. Marris says:

    Bakit nkain ang load ko na 250.. Register pa nmn aq sa mega 250. Tsk tsk

  14. mervyn espiritu says:

    All i know Im still subscribe to mega250, then i cant text. i loaded 20 because i need to text someone. after 5texts i cant text again, i checked my balance it is zero. heres the message im always getting:

    Oops! Looks like you’re trying to access sites not included in your current data package.

    what should we do to correct this? is there a way to stop the promo? it seems im charged with the data, even data is off on my mobile. thanks

  15. Barbie says:

    Sorry, your account is not allowed to avail of this service. Transaction not charged. RC:1121
    Why can’t I register for mega 250

  16. Neptali says:

    agad ubos ang calls ko.. hay buhay.. bat gnun kayo, ndi kayo patas. sana ayusin nyo nman ang service nio, ksi kmi maayos kmi ngbbayad. just saying. kahit kau nman ayaw nio rin manakawan. gnun din kmi.

  17. rose says:

    Wala n bang pang net ang 250? Can u pls reply the questions….lahat ng tanong walang sagot dito..bakit kau nglagay pa ng comment f walang sagot.???

  18. Jonathan says:

    How to register mega250 from my smartbro… Maraming nagtatanong nito, dini delete ninyo mga replies.

  19. KENT says:

    MEGA250 SEND TO 9999

  20. donald says:

    MEGA250 SEND TO 2477

  21. Grimm says:

    RIP MEGA250…

  22. Gemema Paclibar Robles says:

    Good PM. I tried to register in MEGA250 but I could not. Why?

  23. lucasMARA says:

    type MEGA250 send to 9999

  24. Jojay says:

    Why does it say “keyword sent by you is invalid”?

  25. Ran says:

    Bakit ayan na mag register ung mega250 send to 2477? The keyword sentby you is invalid. Pls tri again using the correct keyword

  26. Ran says:

    Send to 9999, wala na ata ung 2477

  27. Why is it that the keyword is invalid whaen im always using it for years…the mega250 load…

  28. mercedita b. diaz says:

    Hi, good evening…i registered MEGA250 and sent the same to 2477…the automatic response is “The keyword sent by you is invalid, pkease try again using the correct keyword.” What shall I do? This incident happened to me only now…I use to register MEGA250 for years now…tnx

  29. Ares Compala says:

    Just like me it says keyword is invalid. Why?

  30. Vilma says:

    nag register po ako mega250 and deducted sa load ko pero di ako mkatawag using keywords. paano po ma retrieve ung load? seems di lang naman pala magamit.

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