Spriza Online Contest and Giveaways

Spriza, an online contest platform, Spriza Online Contest and Giveaways has 2 exciting contests for you and your friends! The Ultimate Smartphone Giveaway Contest and Mom’s Awesome Contest.

The Ultimate Smartphone Giveaway

Join the Spriza’s The Ultimate Smartphone Giveaway and get a chance to win $200 USD cash or 11 pre-paid smartphones with The Lumineers wallpaper and ringtones for you and your 10 friends. Visit below link for The Ultimate Smartphone Giveaway Contest mechanics on how to participate:

Mom’s Awesome Contest

Get a chance to win amazing prizes when you join Spriza’s Mom’s Awesome Contest. Be one of the lucky winners to take home Entry-Level Prizes of P5,000 worth of groceries and Grand Prizes of P25,000 worth of kitchen appliances! You can visit below link for more details on how to join Mom’s Awesome:
The Ultimate Smartphone Giveaway www_unlipromo_com

Visit www.spriza.com more details and upcoming contests and giveaways. Spriza is an online contest platform where friends win together. Enter to WIN UNBELIEVABLE PRIZES from the brands you love!

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