Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Insurance Policy Promo

Design your life now! Purchase the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 NOW and take advantage of this one month exclusive offer. Get a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Insurance Policy Promo for complimentary accidental damage coverage with your GALAXY Note 3 when you buy it until October 28, 2013.

1. Purchase a GALAXY Note 3 from Samsung Brand Stores and authorized dealers* within the promo period and avail a free Accidental Damage Insurance** coverage for 6 months from AIG Philippines Insurance, Inc.

2. Activate by calling the AIG customer hotline*** at (02) 878-5545 and providing the following details:
a. Name
b. Address
c. Contact Number
d. Mobile Number
e. Home Phone Number
f. Email Address
g. Date of Birth
h. Place of Birth
i. Marital Status
j. Gender
k. Nationality
l. Date of Purchase
m. Mobile Phone IMEI Number

3. Promo duration is from September 28 to October 28, 2013.

*Offer is not available for GALAXY Note 3 units sold or bundled through mobile telecom operators Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular.
**Insurance value is not convertible to cash.
***Customer hotline is available Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 6787, Series of 2013.


a. Definition Accidental Damage is defined as any externally-visible deterioration or destruction of the Samsung unit that prevents the Samsung unit to perform the function for which they were intended, due to broken parts or material or structural failures resulting from an accident.

b. Conditons
i. AIG will decide whether to have the item repaired or replaced up to the amount documented in the original purchase receipt showing the description of the unit.
ii. The owner shall not repair the Samsung unit.
iii. The owner shall surrender the faulty or damaged unit for inspection/assessment.
iv. In case of replacement, the faulty or damaged unit shall be AIG’s property.

c. Coverage Period
Six (6) months from customer’s date of registration via email.

d. Exclusions (as applicable)
i. That do not occur within the policy period.
ii. Resulting from, or related to, business use of Samsung unit;
iii. Caused by the process of cleaning, servicing, maintaining, adjusting, repairing or misusing Samsung unit;
iv. Caused by any natural catastrophe, atmospheric or climatic conditions, fire, water, normal wear and tear, manufacturing defects, abuse, vermin or insects, termites,mold, wet or dry rot, bacteria, rust, cleaning or repairs, or similar events;
v. Of accessories or any consumable part related to the operation of Samsung unit, including, but not limited to, hands-free equipment, chargers, batteries, complementarycards and any accessory that is secondary to Samsung unit;
vi. Due to, or related to, a nuclear, biological or chemical event(s);
vii. Resulting from failure of Samsung unit, or ay part thereof, itself caused by an electrical or a mechanical defect;
viii. Resulting from leaving Samsung unit, unattended in any place, motor vehicle, building or public place where it is, or was, visible from the outside;
ix. Resulting from fraudulent calls, made with Samsung unit, following the theft of the unit.
x. Resulting from text messages, or data, sent from, or received, on Samsung unit following a theft;
xi. Resulting from trick, or theft by pickpockets, without violence or intimidation;
xii. Resulting from the mysterious disappearance of Samsung unit;
xiii. Caused by the user’s illegal acts or those of a relative;
xiv. That the user have intentionally caused;
xv. That result from the intentional actions of a relative, or actions that a relative knew of or planned;
xvi. Associated with any physical injury, sickness, disease, disability, shock, mental anguish and mental injury or death;
xvii. Due to war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities or warlike operations (whether war has been declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection,civil commotion, uprising, military or usurped power, martial law, terrorism, riot or the act of any lawfully constituted authority or vandalisms of any kind; or
xviii. Due to the order of any government, public authority, or customs official.

e. Deductible/ Participation Fee
i. 20% on Accidental Damage

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Insurance Policy Promo

a. Activating the Insurance
i. Samsung unit buyer will call Customer Service Hotling No. 878-5545 from Mondays to Fridays, 8:00am to 5:00pm to activate the offer.
ii. Upon registration, customer will receive a confirmation of cover email that the unit is covered for six (6) months from the date of registration, against Accidental Damage.

b. Claims Procedure
i. Customer to call AIG Customer Service Group at 878-5545 to report the claim.
ii. Customer drops off damaged unit at the designated service center.

c. Claim Document Requirements
i. Copy of the Confirmation Cover/email
ii. Dated Purchase Invoice or Official Receipt of the unit.

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