Win a MyPhone Agua STORM at FINDING WALLY Contest

Are you up for a challenge? Join the FINDING WALLY contest and get a chance to win a MyPhone Agua STORM! Contest ends March 07, 2014.


  1. Sign up for FREE at
  2. Look for the Finding Wally printable in the home page
  3. Print the picture and cut out Wally
  4. Take a photo with the Printable Wally in the most creative way you can think of .
  5. Send your entry to Beyond Notebooks as a private message and we will post it on the Finding Wally Album for you!
  6. The most creative picture with the most likes wins a MyPhone Agua STORM.
  7. Contest ends March 07, 2014.

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Win a MyPhone Agua STORM at FINDING WALLY contest

Beyond Notebooks vision is to become the leader in designing knowledge.

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