Samsung #MyUltimateLife Promo Mechanics

Samsung has an exciting promo where you can share the way you live your life to the fullest. Join Samsung #MyUltimateLife Promo and get a chance to take home cool gadgets and other exciting prizes. You could also be the luckiest winner to enjoy a 3D/2N Stay in a Premier Island Resort in Palawan for 2! To qualify, participants should have a valid Twitter and/or Facebook accounts and submit their photo entry/ies within the promo duration. Promo is open to all interested participants (male or female, at least 18 years of age at the time of promo registration, residing within Philippine territory) and must register to participate.

Don’t miss the chance to showcase your ultimate life. Join now! Promo runs from June 13, 2014 to July 26, 2014. See below Samsung #MyUltimateLife Promo Mechanics:


  1. Register at Samsung #MyUltimateLife Promo Microsite ( Participants are also required to register their Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) accounts for automatic posting and sharing of submitted entries
  2. Participants may upload photo entry/ies showing him/herself enjoying his/her “ULTIMATE LIFE”. An “ULTIMATE LIFE” photo may depict activities that one engages to live life to its fullest. Photo Entries should be in JPEG or PNG format and file size not bigger than 3MB.
  3. Participants must submit a photo of their “Ultimate Life” moments together with a caption describing their “Ultimate Life” with the hashtags #MyUltimateLife #GalaxyS5ph. he caption may be in English, Filipino or Taglish and is composed of not more than 140 characters, including the character count of the hashtags.
  4. If the submitted entry is approved, the said entry will be automatically posted and shared to the Twitter and/or Facebook accounts registered by the participant to the Promo.

Every 500th valid entry, the following prizes shall be awarded to the registered participant who sent the winning entry:

Curated Post Prize
500 P500 Starbucks Gift Certificate
1,000 Bluetooth Headset Black
1,500 Php 500 Starbucks Gift Certificate
2,000 External Battery Pack 3600mAh White
2,500 CrossFit MNL
3,000 External Battery Pack 3600mAh White
3,500 2 CrossFit MNL
4,000 Bluetooth Headset Black
4,500 External Battery Pack 3600mAh White
5,000 2 CrossFit MNL
5,500 1 Gear Fit
6,000 Php 2,000 The Spa
6,500 Php 1,000 Starbucks Gift Certificate
7,000 CrossFit MNL
7,500 LEVEL Box Wireless Speaker
8,000 Php 1,000 Starbucks Gift Certificate
8,500 External Battery Pack 3600mAh White
9,000 CrossFit MNL
9,500 Bluetooth Headset Black
10,000 External Battery Pack 9000mAh White
10,500 Php 2,000 The Spa
11,000 Php 1,000 Starbucks
11,500 External Battery Pack 3600mAh White
12,000 CrossFit MNL
12,500 Php 2,000 The Spa
13,000 External Battery Pack 3600mAh White
13,500 Php 1,500 Starbucks
14,000 Bluetooth Headset Black
14,500 External Battery Pack 9000mAh White
15,000 CrossFit MNL
15,500 Gear 2 Neo
16,000 LEVEL Box Wireless Speaker
16,500 Bluetooth Headset Black
17,000 External Battery Pack 3600mAh White
17,500 LEVEL Box Wireless Speaker
18,000 Php 2,000 The Spa
18,500 External Battery Pack 3600mAh White
19,000 Php 2,000 Starbucks
19,500 LEVEL Box Wireless Speaker
20,000 CrossFit MNL
20,500 External Battery Pack 3600mAh White
21,000 CrossFit MNL
21,500 Php 2,000 The Spa
22,000 CrossFit MNL
22,500 LEVEL Box Wireless Speaker
23,000 Buffet at Spiral for 5 persons
23,500 1 Gear Fit
24,000 1 Gear 2 Neo
24,500 1 Gear 2
25,000 1 GS5
Grand Prize Airfare, 3 Days and 2 Nights Stay in a Premier Island Resort for 2PAX

Samsung MyUltimateLife Promo Mechanics

Per DTI-NR Permit # 5575 Series of 2014.
Visit for full promo details and Samsung Mobile Philippines Facebook page for the latest updates.

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  1. yam gm says:

    good pm, just want to ask lang po. when will be the winners for this contest be announced?thanks a lot po.

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